(Ep.8) Counselor? Psychologist? Psychiatrist? | 상담사, 심리학자, 정신과 의사 | 세 직종의 차이점은? [답글:0건]
 Joon & Dr.Sam (Ep.8) Counselor? Psychologist? Psychiatrist? | 상담사, 심리학자, 정신과 의사 | 세 직종의 차이점은?Counselor? Psychologist? Psychiatrist? | 상담사, 심리학자, 정신과 의사 | 세 직종의 차이점은? 상담사, 심리학자, 정신과 의사 모두가 Mental Health Professionals 이지만, 어떻게 다른지 잘 구분하기 힘든 것도 사실입니다. 오늘은 이 세 직종에 대해 이야기해보는 시간을 갖습니
2021-01-12 | Joon & Dr. Sam
(Ep 7) Fixing Reflex | 내가 꼰대? | 상대를 고치려하는 모습 [답글:0건]
. Joon & Dr.Sam (Ep 7) Fixing Reflex | 내가 꼰대? | 상대를 고치려하는 모습#꼰대 #fixing #심리  우리는 가족, 친구들에게 속마음을 털어놓을 때가 종종 있습니다. 그저 하소연하고 싶었을 뿐인데, 필요 이상의 조언과 경험담으로 되려 마음이 상하는 경우도 많죠. 오늘 에피소드는 상대가 고민을 얘기할 때, 어떻게 대해야 할것인지에 대해 세가지 팁을 얘기해봤습니다.
2020-12-07 | Joon & Dr. Sam
(Ep.6) Screen Time | 스크린 중독 진단하기 [답글:0건]
 Joon & Dr.Sam (Ep.6) Screen Time | 스크린 중독 진단하기#스크린중독 #screentime #smartphone Back in April 2020, the New York Times published an article entitled, "How to Create Screen-Life Balance When Life Has Shifted to Screens." (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/24/we...) Inspired by this article, we talk about how to balance our screen time today when we use our screens for so many purposes. How do you function throughout the day and balance your screen time with
2020-11-30 | Joon & Dr. Sam
(Ep.5) 능률 올리는 '집안' 작업환경! [답글:0건]
 Joon & Dr.Sam (Ep.5) 능률 올리는 '집안' 작업환경! | Creating a Fantastic Work Home Setup!#homeoffice #재택근무 #작업능률 Many of us are working or studying from home. It's a major disruption on our regular routines that can be hard to get a hold of. In this episode, we go through some tips to help you reclaim your routines so you can improve your productivity. 코로나 영향으로 학생이며 직장인 모두 집에서 작업하는 비율이
2020-11-30 | Joon & Dr. Sam
(Ep.4) COVID-19 Blog | 코로나 속 새로운 다짐 [답글:0건]
 Joon & Dr.Sam (Ep.4) COVID-19 Blog | 코로나 속 새로운 다짐 | ResolutionsWith the stay at home orders, we are finding more time at home. We feel that we can accomplish a lot more in this new found time. But, how often do you set goals, don't achieve them, and give up quickly? Today's episode focuses on how to set goals for yourself that will be lasting. #covid #mentalhealth #심리치료 #상담 시간이 갈수록 점점 외부활동 시간이 늘어나긴 하
2020-11-30 | Joon & Dr. Sam
(Ep 3) COVID-19 Blog | 나 자신을 돌보는 법 [답글:0건]
 Joon & Dr.Sam (Ep 3) COVID-19 Blog | 나 자신을 돌보는 법 | Taking care of yourself#covid #mentalhealth #심리치료 #상담 Because of COVID-19, we are all going through a difficult time. We can't make everything go away or all better right now, but we can find ways to take care of ourselves through this difficult time. Self-care is a necessity and must be done to carry on and help others around you. COVID-19로 인해 우리는 세계적인 집단 트라우마
2020-11-30 | Joon & Dr. Sam
(Ep 2) COVID-19 Blog | 아이들을 위한 새로운 규칙적인 일상 [답글:0건]
 Joon & Dr.Sam (Ep 2) COVID-19 Blog | 아이들을 위한 새로운 규칙적인 일상 | New Routines for Children#코로나육아 #virtualclass #covid19 The pandemic has changed the way we function in our daily lives, especially for families with children. Today's episode covers 5 tips to think about when creating a new routine at home. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel to get updates! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to
2020-11-30 | Joon & Dr. Sam
(Ep1) 심리학자와 상담가의 만남 [답글:0건]
 Joon & Dr.Sam (Ep1) 심리학자와 상담가의 만남 | How these mental health professionals met#mentalhealth #psychologist #counselor Welcome to the "Joon & Dr. Sam" channel! Joon and Dr. Sam are mental health professionals living in the Dallas area in the United States. We hope to cover a range of topics including life in the US, raising children, the Korean American experience, and mental well-being. We hope that you will join us as we upload new episodes onto our
2020-11-26 | Joon & Dr. Sam